Diamond Products

Kay Diamond Products offers the finest in natural and synthetic industrial-grade diamond abrasives, including powders, compounds, slurries, suspensions, and sprays.

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The solution of choice for a broad range of manufacturing industries including aerospace, automotive, engineering, tooling, fiber optics, and telecommunications.


The Kay lineup of diamond compounds are available in 40 standard micron sizes. Processed from the finest raw materials, KDP compounds offer the ultimate in manufactured strength.


Our sprays are ready to use and preferred over aerosol sprays. Available in two standard bottle sizes and custom formulated to any micron or mesh size.


Kay Diamond offers a broad range of slurry options, with diamond suspended in water soluable, oil soluable, or universal soluable distillates. We custom-tailor a formula for your application.


For the most dependable results in lapping and polishing applications, KDP diamond is uniformly dispersed and held in suspension. Offering broad choice and precise viscosity, the highest performance can be achieved.


Our diamond-compatible line of lubricants keep your lapping application at a consistent and acceptable temperature.

Superior Performance

As a leader in the manufacturing and micronizing of industrial diamond, KDP begins with only the best raw materials. These are painstakingly crafted to meet our exceptional standards in shape, uniformity, and consistency.