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KDP Diamond Compounds are formulated to adhere to your exacting specifications and are available in any micron or mesh size for your application needs.

At Kay we evaluate the performance of diamond compound based on these important properties:
  The quality...size, shape uniformity of the diamond compound within the carrier
  The actual carrier of the vehicle...Water Soluble, Oil Soluble , or Universal Soluble
  The consistency...formulation from batch to batch

KDP Compounds are designed for high-performance results and have these characteristics:
  Impervious to any contaminates related to the lapping surface
  Reduce friction generated heat
  Easy to use & easy to clean using conventional techniques
  Leaves no residue, environmentally friendly

Ask our experts about custom formulations, special carrier requests, or unique applications. KDP Thinners available and specifically designed to lubricate and extend the life of the compound. We also offer a "super strong" DDC (Diamond Die Compound) formula.

  KDM/Metal Bond - a full line of micron or mesh size are available for your toughest metal bond applications.

  KDR/Resin Bond - designed for where soft polishing and/or lapping is required.

  NAT/Natural - when exceptional diamond formulas are required, we recommed our "Premium NATURAL" diamond for it's unique characteristics.

  POLY/Polycrystalline - used where extreme polishing applications are required. Resembles carbonado.

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